About Us

I’m Jack Rixon. I am the owner of waikikishuttles.com

I love to take the boat to the waterside where the light waves beat the shore, push away the haze of morning mist, and walk into the sunrise and sunrise. I paddle, indulge in the silent morning that seems to be awake. Whether I explore alone or travel together, I always love participating in cultural activities in water recreational events. 

Moreover, by profession, I am engaged in the promotion of yacht culture, yacht club, yacht marina operation, and management, as well as in the yacht industry. I used to plan and undertake professional water sports events, such as kayaking, sailing, dragon boat, SUP paddleboard, and other water sports and leisure culture.

Furthermore, I have constantly been trying to create a new model of industry integration and cross-border cooperation and creating a high-quality physical platform that belongs to the American people’s water leisure lifestyle and water leisure tourism. Bringing my professional experience and the resource brand of the international water leisure industry culture, I will move towards water leisure and tourist attractions projects throughout America.

I form waikikishuttles. with experience in the American yacht industry as I have many years of industry actual operation experience. The main objective of this website is to share the experience that I’ve gathered from the yacht industry, attract people to get engagement in water leisure tourism cultural platforms, and encourage them to pay a visit to the coastal and inland waterfront tourist attractions. 

Furthermore, in this blog, I’ll try to provide all necessary information regarding canoeing and kayaking in local rivers, lakes, and camping. I will also cover my reviews on various canoeing and kayaking-related accessories and equipment of well-known brands to help you invest in the right operational and functioning products. Because, when kayaking or canoeing, the most direct thing is to have the right gear to fight the water. If you choose any wrong gear, the more realistic the experience will be. And in the end, it gets harder and harder to cope with wild waters.

Therefore, through this website, I will try to help you learn how to grow your canoeing and kayaking skills and become a well-experienced kayaker. My shared experience in kayaking will assist you in understanding the real sense of kayaking or canoeing. This may allow you to forge strong watering skills in your life.